Old Disney Photos Get Imbued With Modern Digital Artwork And It’s Beautiful

Meet Tyson Murphy


Murphy was the lead character artist for Blizzard. As in, he’s probably had a hand in fantastic creations such as Prince Arthas, and Illidan, beloved individuals from the Warcraft franchise. He is extremely talented, and his art style has a unique flavour to it. Everyone immediately loves his work, even if we don’t know what he made.

He paid homage to Disney movies by taking screenshots of the original films and painting over them. Murphy created a new set of images that bring our beloved Disney characters to life in ways we haven’t seen before.

#1 Robin Hood

Courtesy Of Tyson Murphy’s Artwork

#2 101 Dalmatians

Courtesy Of Tyson Murphy’s Artwork

#3 The Sword In The Stone

Courtesy Of Tyson Murphy’s Artwork

#4 Because he was the leading character artist, he had created other wacky and charming things.

Courtesy Of Tyson Murphy’s Artwork

#5 He even made this heartwarming comic about his autistic son.

Courtesy Of Tyson Murphy’s Artwork

His art style and his ideas are incredible. They have a charm and life to them that other artworks don’t. Despite what horrifying and terrorising creatures he makes, you still feel nothing but affection for them.

He creates tutorials and speed-creations for other people to follow. And many are inspired by him on a regular basis.

You can find him at his Blogspot, his Tumblr, his Deviantart, his Instagram or his Twitter. Be sure to send him some love!

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