This Artist Added Butts To Everyday Things And We’re Loving It

Butts are everywhere these days.

And that is probably because of Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family. While big butts have been a trend since I can remember, Kim and the rest of her family just kind of renewed it all.

That is probably why Brian Cook started this project. You see, he is the one behind putting butts on everything. And yes, it is just as hilarious as it sounds. Nothing is safe from his art. From taco to an iPhone, everything has butts.

Source: Brian Cook

#1 Still looks quite delicious.

#2 A sunny butt can lift anyone’s spirit.

#3 Okay, now I am in the mood for coffee.

#4 A MacBook with a butt? Sign me in!

#5 Who doesn’t like rain?

#6 A delicious burger bun.

#7 Is that a lego?

#8 The bun is too small for the sausage though.

#9 I do need red wine after seeing all these butts.

#10 Cigarette Butt.

#11 Cinnabun.

#12 Ice-cream butt is always the way to go.

#13 Maybe Saturn does look like this.

#14 Pineapples are great in the summer.

#15 Who doesn’t love pizza after all?

#16 Is this caramel popcorn?

#17 Everyone needs a butt coffee in the morning.

#18 That is what Apple needs to do.

Do you think any more things need butts? Which one of these illustrations did you love the most? Do you think any of these looked extra weird with a butt? Comment down below and let us know.

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