Art Exhibit Show Case The Clothes Worn By Rape Victims For A Powerful Reason

  • By Asad Tipu
  • January 18, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Rape is a serious crime.

It’s severely damaging, it’s violating. it’s vulgar, it’s vile, and I don’t know of a single person that thinks that rape isn’t a bad thing. Sure, there are varying levels of how bad they believe it is, but everyone is more or less on the same side with it.

But there are further disagreements inside of that. There are men and women who believe that the victim is to blame, and that is never the case. When discussing this, I often give the analogy of theft.

If a person breaks into your home, you are the victim and they are the thieves. Yes, you could have reduced chances and made yourself more secure if you got better security systems, but it’s never your fault. Rape is similar in that regard, and the “security” isn’t just clothes. It’s not getting drunk with strangers, it’s not walking alone at night in dark alleys unless you can take care of yourself.

#1 An art exhibit in Belgium recently opened up showing clothes victim wore during their sexual assault.

#2 It’s meant to shed light on the issue that it doesn’t matter what a person wears, because rapists are monsters and they don’t care.

#3 A project similar to this one was created in 2013 by Jen Brockman.

#4 She said: “Participants can come into the gallery and see themselves reflected in not only the outfits, but also in the stories,”

#5 “To be able to create that moment in this space where they say, ‘Wow I have this outfit hanging in my closet,’ or ‘I wore this, this week.’”

#6 “By doing this we could hopefully reveal the myth that if we just avoid that outfit then we’ll never be harmed or that somehow we can eliminate sexual violence by simply changing our clothes.”

#7 “When survivors come through, what we hear expressed often is validation because they’ll share with us: ‘This was my outfit. What’s hanging on this wall right now is what I was wearing,’ or ‘That’s my story. That story is just like what happened to me.’”

#8 “It’s not the clothing that causes sexual violence, it’s the person who causes harm.”

#9 “Being able to find that peace for survivors and that moment of awareness for communities is the real motivation behind the project.”

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