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It's Not A Disney Movie: This Refuge in Arkansas is Home to 60 Animal Friends Who Hang Out Together

It’s Not A Disney Movie: This Refuge in Arkansas is Home to 60 Animal Friends Who Hang Out Together

There are many beautiful examples of animal friendships out there, many of which have been covered in articles like this one. Though their cuteness may seem to come from a Disney movie, these lovely animals are all real. But what if I told you there was one place that was so filled with animal love, it could make a whole series of Disney movies?

You probably wouldn’t believe me. But it is real all right.

Janice Wolf set up The Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas 20 years ago to care for wildlife and domestic animals who may need medical care or new homes. The refuge can hold up to 60 animals and from these pictures, you can tell they all live together in perfect harmony. There are some residents who are in for the long haul including  Barcode the zebra, Crouton the African Sulcata tortoise, Cheesecake the capybara, Butterbean the bull terrier and Bazinga the miniature horse. And they all get along just swimmingly.

Amazingly, the refuge is run primarily on donations, though Wolf has recently been able to sell calendars too, and it is a superbly run solo effort from Wolf herself. Take a look through these pictures and you’ll see why this is such an amazing place, filled with friendship. Could it honestly get any cuter?

#1 Deer and Tortoise eating a watermelon

#2 Doggy enjoying his bath

#3 Tiny chicks and white puppy

#4 Tortoise and doggy, unlikely besties.

#5 Look at all the puppies welcoming him into their fold

#6 Zebra brings up the rear

#7 Puppy vs Bunny

#8 Zebra feeds orange to deer

#9 Puppy looks confused

#10 A bird and a dog, and the tale of their unlikely friendship

#11 Kitties and skunks

#12 Tiny goat stands on big fluffy dog

#13 Tiny horse is cuddled by big dog.

#14 The puppy knows how to get chicks.

#15 More goats and big woofers.

#16 Quack.

#17 Is Rocket trying to steal his belly?

#18 It’s straight out of a Disney movie!


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