Twitter Is Going All Crazy As They Can’t Figure Out How Ariana Grande Is Sitting On That Stool

Ariana Grande – American dream girl and pop sensation, has boggled Twitter.

The sitcom turned pop music sensation is famous for her tracks “Dangerous Woman”, “Bang Bang”, “Problem” and many others on the list!

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However, this time, she’s not just trending because of her music.

Ariana Grande’s My Everything’s album art has become the biggest pop mystery of the year. The album came out in 2014. But, three years after its release. Twitter is going all crazy as they can’t figure out how Ariana Grande is sitting on that stool.

Take her album cover.

The discovery was made by Jesse McLaren, who noticed that Grande is quite uncertainly curled up on the stool in her signature ponytail.

Wait, what?

Curled up? On a Stool?

“I’ve done the research and there’s no way her ass is sitting on that stool,” McLaren wrote.

But, nothing quite got this one across the line….


How is she though?

That’s obviously not how she’s sitting.


And Twitter finally got Grande’s attention.

“next week on myth busters,” she wrote.


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