10+ Husbands Who Prove That It Is Impossible To Win An Argument With Your Pregnant Wife

Women are most vulnerable to mood swings when…

Scratch that.

Women are on an emotional roller coaster ride basically ALL THE TIME!


It gets much worse when women are pregnant. As beautiful as the process of giving birth is, it can be a challenging time for women thanks to the unpredictable mood swings and bizarre food cravings.

Here are 10+ husbands who prove that it is impossible to win an argument with your pregnant wife:

1. Netflix and Chill? Maybe not.

2. At least it’s only nine months.


3. Life with a pregnant wife.


4. Don’t worry. Everything makes them nauseated.

5. This is why there’s a pizza delivery service.

6. The moment of joy.

7. Pregnant wife problems: Exhibit A.

8. On the plus side, it even comes with a free crash course on pregnancy hormones.

9. And the award for husband of the year goes to…


10. And then there’s this poor husband.

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