10+ Incredibly True Posts That’ll Make You Laugh And Cry If You Have Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be hell.

You look over everything you do, you worry about the littlest things and you have trouble working under stress. That’s not something you would wish on your worst enemies. You’re insecure and lack confidence, even when you’re brilliant at it.

And oftentimes, people say that laughter is the best medicine. So if you have anxiety, these posts will make you both laugh… And then possibly cry. Keep tissues.

#1 Different angles.


#2 Late night talks.

#3 Anxiety comes prepared.


#4 It worked with everyone else.


#5 Constant reaffirmation.

#6 Existential crisis.

#7 Canceling plans.


#8 Mini panic attacks.

#9 Instant anxiety cure.


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