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10+ Times Anti-Vaxxers Got Put In Place With Help Of Science

10+ Times Anti-Vaxxers Got Put In Place With Help Of Science

When will these anti-vaxxers learn?

After being proven wrong a million times, they still refuse to believe that vaccines are actually for protection. At this point, I honestly don’t know why is it so hard for them to understand. I mean, does self-medication ever work? No, right? Then why do people think they know better than actual health care professionals when it comes to vaccines?

So when anti-vaxxers refused to believe the simplest of concepts, people started roasting them for their stupid logic. And I have to say; they deserve it 100%.

Scroll on below and check out the level of ignorance and stupidity in 2019.

There’s no need because Natural Selection will take care of it for you.

via greek_stallion

I bet he didn’t see that coming *Puns intended*

via Jemima-Racktool

Dammit, Carol!

via GuacamoleBay

Jokes aside, people really need to start listening to actual health care professionals.

via deepaf

The level of ignorance is just too damn high in this country.

via HelloimEllo

Why is this so hard to understand?

via dank-memes-are-good


via Jemima-Racktool

The way people behave sometimes is beyond comprehension.

via Imjustagary

Destruction: 100

via Jemima-Racktool

“Think for yourself instead of listening to PAID medical professionals.” Wow…

via TaoTeChing81

That backfired quickly.

via klunk88

The guy from the movies who cannot die of natural illnesses has finally been found.

via ThePirateRS

Wait, what?

via TheFedoraKnight

The sole purpose of these sarcastic comebacks and roasts are to tell people just how wrong they are about vaccines. Talk to professionals, people. Educate yourself AND understand what’s good for you!

What’s your take on this situation? Do you think getting a vaccine is a choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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