These Are Some Of The Dumbest Things That Anti-Vaxxers Have Said In 2018

Beware: it could be contagious.

I am personally all up for medications as long as it doesn’t involve any needles. But that’s another story. Raising awareness about vaccinations is very important these days. You, as a parent, are obliged to making the best decisions for your children and not getting them vaccinated could be one of the biggest mistakes you make in your life.

With the year coming to an end, how can we forget these dumbos who still don’t believe in science and instead choose to go with their superstition? They should be banned from even having an opinion, let alone starting arguments over it.

Here are some of the most infuriating posts from this year that will probably make you want to bang your head against the wall.

1. Maybe check out the facts before making a statement?

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2. News flash: Suicidal person spotted.


3. Either way, they proved their point.

4. Maybe you should have measles forever then. You know, so you’d stay protected against cancer at least.

5. After submitting this “scholarly” thesis, you might find yourself deprived of your degree.

6. Or maybe kids nowadays get vaccinated against chicken pox?

7. Wow! That’s pure magic right there.

8. Damn you, government!

9. Gee, thanks mommy dear.

10. I am dying laughing here.

11. The height of illiteracy right there is unimaginable.

12. No, that is actually unicorn magic.

13. Probably because the history of vaccines is not as old as the Bible.

14. Point to be noted.

15. Stop frying your kids’ eggs and nailing them to the wall!

16. This poor kid has probably lost it.

17. So maybe you should take it in as food too.

18. Thank God for doctors.

I bet now these anti-vaxxers won’t have an answer.

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Vaccinations should not be a choice; there should be a law in every country that every baby must be vaccinated in order to increase the survival rate in the world. What are your views on this matter? Do share with us.

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