Anti-Vaxxer Asked A Really Dumb Question So People Delivered ‘Best’ Answers

Their intelligence is beyond science.

When you scroll through your social media websites, you often see people debating over random topics. You may sometimes find a foolish debate going on. That turns out to be the most entertaining time of your day, giving you a hard laugh.

You’re fortunate if you see an anti-vaxxer debating or speaking for himself because it gives you one of the hardest, tummy crunching laughs.

Well, luck is in your favour right now.

Scroll down to see an anti-vaxxer asking the world a really, really stupid question. It doesn’t end here; it gets way more fun as the people go next-level stupid in the comments section.

Grab yourself the laugh of the day!

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The brilliant question itself.

I hope rabies doesn’t become his favourite disease too…

Well, your intelligence is lower than the dog’s standards.

Might as well get the 2-year-old married, no?

She had to assure the world that even with no vaccination, she might get enrolled in an institute!

Because of people like you, aliens don’t visit us…

It shouldn’t be anything too soft, guys.

Well, the opium dens will have the use of needles too. Hence, the child would have no attraction towards it.

This guy just insulted the questioner in one line and explained to us that he’s even beyond the questioner in the other one.

Rebecca please, they won’t get it.

This guy said it all in one short go!

Rub your stomach to ease the pain from the hard laughs you just had. Also, don’t worry; you will get back your faith in humanity soon.

So, now that I’ve cried, I have neutralised my brain successfully.

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