Anti-LGBT Lawmaker Caught Making Out With A Man In His Office, Resigns And Irony Just Committed Suicide

Wes Goodman has resigned.

We may want to think he resigned because he could finally see where he was wrong and how he should not have tried to ruin other people’s lives. In reality, however, he is just a hypocrite and apparently a cheater.

As he was caught having sex with a man, cheating on your partner is bad enough. What puts the cherry on the top is the fact that he was also an Anti-LGBT Lawmaker.

Rosenberger later confronted him about his ‘inappropriate behavior’ which led Goodman to resign officially.

Brad Miller, Rosenberger’s spokesman, explains that the ‘interaction’ was wholly consensual and it didn’t indicate any kind of sexual harassment.

Some claim that there is also video proof.

Apparently ‘natural marriage’ didn’t apply to him.

His campaign is literally about bashing the LGBT community and promoting ‘strong Christian values’. It has since been removed.

Healthy, vibrant, thriving, values-driven families are the source of Ohio’s proud history and the key to Ohio’s future greatness.

The ideals of a loving father and mother, a committed natural marriage, and a caring community are well worth pursuing and protecting.

He apparently wants privacy and yet always liked to butt into other people’s lives and how they lived it.

He has, however, issued an apology and wanted privacy for him and his family. I don’t think that apology is going to do him any good.

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