Annoyed Butcher Treats A Rude Customer In The Most Perfect Manner

Why do customers have to be so uncooperative and rude?

Or more precisely sometimes total as*holes? I mean, yeah okay the sign that says “customers are always right,” is pretty much in most stores and restaurants but it isn’t always true. If a waiter, shopkeeper, or any other employee is bound to provide you with the best service, then people should respect that and not act like jerks.

Take this one completely irrational customer for example who went to a butcher’s shop and tried to start a dumb argument. Scroll on below and read the story in narrator’s own words.


Here’s what the guy posted on Reddit.

So, it all started quite normal.

Fair enough, I guess.

And bam, there we go!

That’s just rude…

But, hold up! Here’s the twist. Our guy didn’t tolerate the sh*tty behaviour one bit and told the customer exactly what he needed to hear.

If you’re wondering how it might have looked in real life, here’s a visual representation for you.

Yeah, that’s right.

Do you know someone who is as gutsy as this butcher? Let us know in the comments below.

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