10+ Times Anna Kendrick Was The Most Hilarious Person On Twitter

Anna Kendrick is awesome.

Whether you like her movies or not is another thing. She surely knows how to make her Twitter stand out. And while you might think a star like her can’t have anything common with regular folk like us, well, you’re wrong.

Since she is living proof that no matter how famous you are, you are usually like any other person in the world and are dealing with some serious stuff. She, however, can make anything hilarious effortlessly.

#1 That is true friendship.

#2 Definitely better than I love you.

#3 Precisely.

#4 I can relate 100%

#5 Neither have I.

#6 Or missed the spot you missed while putting on makeup?

#7 I need to perfect that face.

#8 When is she not trending?

#9 Am I missing something?

#10 Probably an endurance test.

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