Artist Mixes Anime With Pastel Gore In Quirky Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

These tattoos are really exclusive.

It seems like this talented artist knows creatures like fantastic beasts and better yet, he knows where to find them!

Brando Chiesa, an Italian tattoo artist, has brought into spotlight his amazing creation of tattoos. He has combined Japanese anime with pastel gore to create something unique in its own way.

His neo-traditional tattoo collection focuses much on Japanese pop culture with a bizarre twist. He takes his inspiration from anime such as Sailor Moon and the Gundam series.

As beautiful as they are, some of them are rather hard to digest. You are definitely going to go back to each of them and look again.

1. Love the hair. No, wait, the red snakes!

2. A scene out of a horror movie?

3. The picture says it all. GAME OVER.


4. Welcome to another life.

5. Pretty girls always have monsters inside them.

6. Creepy yet cute.


7. My personal favorite one of all.

8. I think it portrays how things eat us away when we worry too much yet we don’t notice it.

9. Would you ever consider getting a tattoo like this one here?

10. Were you wondering what an 80’s pussy looked like? Well, there you are…

11. That looks like one of the transformers to me.

12. Pretty weird considering the girl behind it seems to be enjoying herself.

13. Girl with the dragon tattoo? More like a girl on the dragon.

14. Butterflies, monsters and sexy girls. It’s all about that.

How did you find these tattoos? Did you think they were cute, cool or creepy? Check out his social media page for more.


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