This Animated Short Film About A Gay Kid “Outed By His Heart” Is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today

Love is love.

It is about time that people are normalizing the LGBTQ community. You often see queer couples in movies, and it makes your insides warm. People are finally accepting others for who they are. Of course, in the end, love wins.

The animated short “Outed By His Heart” is finally out, and it managed to steal all our hearts.

The short was released on 31st July 2017. It was meant for children, but as soon as it released, it spread like fire on the Internet, and everybody loved it!

It was so cute; it made my insides feel all squishy and warm.

And I’m glad to say I’m not the only one who felt that way.


It’s so pure and adorable. People absolutely loved it.


It’ll make your day, trust me.


The love is overwhelming.



The short only has a duration of four minutes; it does not have any dialogue. So that way, you can focus more on feelings than words.

The LGBTQ community feels closer to this short because it reveals everything they go through. They feel that tingly puppy love feeling as kids, and when they realise they aren’t like everybody else while growing up, they worry about fitting in or coming out of the closet. But finally, the best part is when they find out they are not alone. The LGBTQ community stands with them.

The short was long awaited since its trailer in May, and the fans are going crazy now that it’s out.

“We’re very touched by the response we’ve gotten so far and we’re happy to know that our project has already had a positive impact on so many people,” said the creators Beth David and Esteban Bravo. “It proves to us that there is a need and a want for media that addresses LGBT+ themes in a positive and lighthearted way.”

They wish for the LGBTQ to appear more on films.

And people agree with them.


If you haven’t seen the short already, here it is:

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