10+ Rebel Animals Who Give No Shit About Our Stupid Human Rules

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 1, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Do you have a pet?

Whether it’s a cat or a dog or a snake or a gerbil, it doesn’t matter. You know that it’s not always an easy task. Sometimes they do very, very silly things. But other times they solve such complicated tasks in a roundabout way that you’re just stunned.

Like seeing your cat open doors. And then using the entrance flap. It’s not just cats either! Animals are way smarter than we give them credit for, and super super cute when they show it.

#1 Like this rabbit who was taken into an obstacle course.

#2 Or this squid who turned invisible.

#3 Perhaps like this dog who was caged but not chained.

#4 Maybe this cat that taught it’s kitten how to break rules.

#5 This dog was sent outside for standing on the tables, and he remained defiant.

#6 This bird does not have the comprehension to understand what a “Ultrasonic Bird Repeller” does.

#7 This smart hamster got his workout in while lying down.

#8 This cat used the door twice.

#9 This bird needed a new perspective.

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