Beautiful Animals Rescued And Saved From Black Market Pose For A Majestic Photoshoot

  • By Asad Tipu
  • August 19, 2017
  • 5 minutes read

Where The Wild Things Are is an awe-inspiring photo shoot.

A collaboration between Animal Tracks, a sanctuary in Agua Dulce, California and a Los Angeles based photographer, Natasha Wilson, a part of De Anastacia Photography. They took animals that were rescued from black markets in California, and paired them up with models in colour coded clothes with a fitting backdrop.

And the result is absolutely stunning.

It’s heartwarming to see animals who have been through so much to come out looking so magnificent.

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#1 Wolfdog.

His name is Scout, and he’s a wolf/dog hybrid with an unfortunate spine condition. Despite being part wolf, he’s very friendly, and came from the movie industry after they found out that he had medical issues.

#2 African Serval.

Monzo is an 11-year-old African Serval who was rescued by Fish and Game from someone who had him illegally. He’s one of the last animals in the original Animal Tracks family group.

#3 Laughing Kookaburra

Bam-Bam was bred in captivity and is about 9 years old. He lost the bottom quarter of his beak in a fight with another bird, and is dependent on the sanctuary to survive.

#4 Cockatoos

Jake and Cami’s previous owners could not take care of them any more so they left them at the sanctuary. They like talking, singing, and above all, screaming.

#5 Bengal Cat

Chesire is a loving 11-year-old cat. Unfortunately, his last owner couldn’t give him enough time that he wanted, so he started doing bad things like peeing and pooping wherever he wanted and shredded the curtains and bedding. He’s besties with Monzo now.

#6 Squirrel Monkey

Luke is 7-years-old and was privately owned, but had gotten in a fight with another monkey and lost all the fingers in his right hand. He’s now safe and happy in the sanctuary.

#7 Kinkajous

Nocturnal, and young, Honey Bear and Luna live together and stay together. Honey Bear is a three year old from Florida, and Luna is the one year old who was attacked by her mother in Minnesota.

#8 Porcupine.

Quillamenia has been in Animal Tracks since 2008, and is so friendly with other animals that monkeys sometimes save their food just to feed her and her partner.

#9 A family of cavy

They’re about 2 years old, and their previous owner gave them up for unknown reasons. The family are also big fans of shoelaces, and they originate from South America, the same place guinea pigs come from.

#10 Red Kangaroo.

Bella Roo and her husband Winston have been at the sanctuary ever since they met, and they’re hoping to stay for another two decades. Their previous owners were not permitted to have them.

#11 Fennec Fox

Dobie is a year old and was abandoned by his mother They found him with Luna, after Animal Tracks owner Stacy and her family went to Minnesota.

#12 Alligator

Chomper is only two and a half feet long, but he’s seven years old. He was taken from someone who was raising him in a bath tub. As an adult, Chomper the dinosaur could be 14 feet long and 800lbs.

#13 Snake

Erminator’s previous owners were a couple of sweet old ladies that didn’t realise how huge he was going to get, and they gave him up during the late 1990s.

#14 Ferret

Despite there being only five ferrets in Animal Tracks, they all live together and are healthy and safe. Some were obtained illegally, or from shelters, but they’ve created a society of their own.

#15 Baboon.

Krissy is an actress, and was a part of a trio. Her previous owner was a good friend of the sanctuary and thought it’d be better to leave her. It was because the other two baboons would pick on poor Krissy, but now she’s safe, and is learning new things like finger painting.

#16 Armadillo

Frank the Tank is somewhat of an introvert from San Diego. He’s only four, but he enjoys digging stuff, and munching on crunchy insects.

#17 Monkeys.

Squirt is a 23 year old Capuchin and Maci is her 5 year old companion. She’s also Marley’s sister, and they came in together when a woman from California gave her up when she had to move. Squirt and Maci treat each other like mother and daughter.

#18 Striped Skunk

This sweet guy is called Little Bear and his mother was put down because she became dependent on people to feed her, and was a nuisance to the neighborhood.

#19 Monkey

This is Marley, he’s Maci’s older brother, and a real rascal. He likes messing around with things, and his previous owner came from Arizona. It’s legal to own a pet monkey there, but not in California, so when she moved, she had to give him and his sister up.

If you come across an animal that needs someplace safe, you can get in touch with Animal Tracks here.

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