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10+ Photos Of Animals Growing Up Together Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Face

10+ Photos Of Animals Growing Up Together Will Instantly Put A Smile On Your Face

They grow up so fast.

Who am I talking about? Well, our kids of course! And by kids, I mean our beloved pets. While I am aware that humans do indeed grow up fast and that time doesn’t stop for anyone, however animals tend to grow up even faster which nobody likes.

Why can’t they stay little with their little button noses forever? Everything has a bright side. And the following pets got to grow up with their best friends (who wouldn’t want that?)

So if you’re pet is lonely, why not get them a friend? Don’t worry it doesn’t even have to be the same animal.
This list has some weird pairings but who are we to judge someone’s love? So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 They are basically the same size now. 

Via Medically

#2 Yes it is the same dog!

Via imgur

#3 A family Christmas-photo is a must. 

Via the_blueboys

#4 The three musketeers!

Via rainbowchimp

#5 The dogs don’t look happy. 

Via lifeofpikelet

#6 What happened here? 

#7 I see he still likes to use the other dog as a bed. 

Via ateart

#8 Did the other not get any food? 

Via Mookychew

#9 Now, They can occupy the whole couch. 

Via princeandogre

#10 How do they grow up so fast? 

Via imgur

#11 Blue really did grow up fast. 

Via brittathisusername

#12 Probably contemplating life. 

#13 Adorable.

#14 He looks confused. 

#15 How could anyone be sad if you have them?


#16 Born from the same litter. 


#17 There is actually a four years difference in these pictures. 

#18 Hugs always make everything better. 

Via imgur

#19 Perfect together. 

Via Mrcaptainpants

#20 May the missing one rip. 

Via Mrcaptainpants

#21 Too big for his shoulders it seems. 

#22 They are definitely up to something. 

#23 The sunlight is perfect in this picture. 

#24 Still using the same bed huh?

Via dog_and_squirrel

#25 They make a heart together. 

Via Barnaby Stoche

#26 These are Evin and Minnie. 

Via jessi_joy716

#27 They look like little hamsters. 

Via Lindsey Mead

#28 Aiko might have left us, but she remains in our hearts. 

#29 Meet Trigger and Lucky. 

#30 Brotherly love. 

#31 Too big for the basket. 

Via roxmorgirl

#32 These twins hide many secrets in their eyes.

Via sis.twins

#33 What are they watching? 

Via anyagrapes

#34 Why are they so surprised? 

Via aein

#35 Who doesn’t love cuddling?

Via arieljena

#36 The same formation even now.

Via tMoneyMoney

#37 Is that Yin and Yang? 

Via renley_lili

#38 I think they need bigger beds. 

#39 A heart in her heart? How adorable. 

Via izzyandthefluff

#40 The pitbull has the same expression. 

Via bubbalovesrue

#41 She is watching over him.

Via Kitten Rescue

#42 Wait, you can keep a cheetah as a pet? 

Via Busch Gardens Tampa

#43 The rat is trying to be as tall as the dog. 

Via osirisandfriends

#44 They really love each other. 

Via pumpkintheraccoon

#45 That is a great toupee.

Via milo_the_golden

#46 He is trying to free his friend. 

Via kookieandkipper_minipigs

#47 I really want a hedgehog now. 

Via biddythehedgehog

#48 That bunny is expressionless. 

Via Melamarth

#49 They look so happy. 

Via  juniperfoxx

#50 I need to go to a pet shop right now. 

Via dog_and_squirrel

Do you have pets? If so how is their relationship with each other? Comment down below and let us know.

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