10+ Animals Who Experienced Snow For The First Time And Their Priceless Reaction Says It All

Snow is truly a beautiful experience.

Unless you really hate snow. But imagine that you have never seen snow and look at it for the first time. You would be confused, happy and terrified at the same time wouldn’t you?

Well, that is exactly the mix of emotions the following animals are feeling. After all, they are seeing it for the first time. While most dogs are quite happy, cats are having none of it. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Polar bear back in his natural habitat.

Via Soren Koch

#2 From content to scared.

Via Tessa.lv photography

#3 Now you see me, now you don’t.

Via morgasmic

#4 *Boop*

Via Slayer128

#5 Floor is snow!

Via Elizabeth Bouras

#6 I’ve seen things.

Via please_agree

#7 Oh my god! Snow!

#8 Her expression says it all.

Via Cactusy

#9 This cat is definitely high.

Via Medicina

#10 Did you do this?

Via dax268

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