Artist Imagines What Animals Are Doing When You’re Not Looking & It’s Hilarious

You probably won’t be expecting these.

Do you ever look in the mirror and look away, then wonder if your reflection is still looking at you? Yeah, I’m sure all our imaginations have reached there at one point. However, artist Julien Tabet‘s imagination is much wilder than ours.

What’s even better? He includes animals in his work. It’s better than boring old humans, come on. Let your imagination roam free in the animal world.

He told BoredPanda, ‘My works deal mainly with animals for a lot of reasons. Animals are different from humans because they are so much more humble and innocent. But what I like the most is that they can be mysterious due to their anonymity. I love to dream up the way animals act when we aren’t watching them, kind of like “Toy Story.”‘

Check out the 21 year old artist’s mind blowing images below:

More info: Instagram

#1 “Liberty”

#2 “Stormy”

#3 “Temporary Beauty”

#4 “Monarchy”

#5 “Hidden”

#6 “Symphony”

#7 “Responsibility”

#8 “Reborn Cheetah”

#9 “Sport Coaches”

#10 “Escape This World”

#11 “Summer Is Coming”

#12 “Peaceful”

#13 “Secret Garden”

#14 “Dexterity”

#15 “Predatory”

#16 “Eternity”

#17 “Diversity”

#18 “Cadency”

#19 “Happy Halloween”

#20 “Calvary”

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