This Angry Mom Doesn’t Know Her Daughter’s Number And Rages At A 35-Year-Old Instead

Everyone’s had their fair share of crazy.

Whether it’s crazy girlfriends, or crazy exes, or even, crazy parents. But have you ever had to deal with a crazy stranger? If you’ve ever worked in customer service, probably, but at least you know you signed up for that. You’re being paid to deal with that crap.

Can you imagine being forced through that and not be compensated for it? Well, unfortunately, you don’t need to imagine, because someone’s gone through it on your behalf. Someone with the username velakskin on imgur recently uploaded a set of thirteen images. These images are merely screenshots of texts that occurred on Monday, April 24th.

The woman is a mother of an eighteen-seventeen year old Jess, who she thought she was texting. Think that’s bad? It gets so much worse.

As you can see, she’s unwilling to believe that this man is who he says he is. 

And he even tries sending pictures of himself to prove it to her! 

As the woman clearly wasn’t understanding, he continued to mess around with her.

Goddammit, woman, he doesn’t like ham, leave him alone!

And then she finally gets confirmation that she’s wrong

Can you imagine having a mother like that?

I feel sorry for poor Jess. A mom that won’t believe you, even when you’re right? Can you imagine?

Even when she found out the truth, she still blamed the guy. What kind of mental Olympics do you have to do to get to that conclusion? Everyone on the internet is shaming that woman for her controlling behavior. They’re also applauding velakskin for how he handled it.

And the “My mom knows my phone number…” line?

That woman was blasted out of the water. She’s a psychopath, and now everyone on the internet knows.

Velakskin has even offered a “round two”, as it were. If the mom messages him again, hopefully she won’t think he’s Jess, and believe him when he says he’s not. It wouldn’t even be such an embarrassing thing if she had done literally one of two things.

  1. Apologised for her mistakes
  2. Not have been so rude to the guy about it

Because she didn’t have the common decency required, the internet collectively picked up their pickforks and used it to type “lol, what a bitch” on the original thread.

You can find the thread here, which Velakskin has playfully dubbed “Wrong number gone wrong”

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