An Androgynous Model Is Challenging Gender Stereotypes

Rain Dove, An Androgynous Model Is Breaking Gender Stereotypes.

Rain Dove is an androgynous model who poses in both male and female clothing. However, she wasn’t always this confident. At first, she didn’t see herself as androgynous but saw herself as an ‘ugly woman’. 

In her own words. “I never had bad feelings about it, I just felt that maybe I was that one girl.”  She had also been in many different jobs from nannying to landscape. She always took advantage of these ‘misunderstandings’.

“It wasn’t until I was wilderness firefighter for a while and that’s when I felt more empowered in my ambiguity and sexuality as far as gender presentation goes. So I utilized my gender bending profile as something that had gotten me a bunch of odd jobs from nannying to landscape.”

Rain Dove Is Trying To Be Herself.

“When I Was A Firefighter They Thought I Was A Male And I Went With It Because I Really Need A Job And I Was Out In The Middle Of Nowhere In Colorado.”

“So I Utilized My Gender Bending Profile As something That Had Gotten Me A Bunch Of Odd Jobs From Nannying To Landscape.”

Rain Dove Is Now Working As An Activist.

She Is Also Trying Her Hand At Acting And Modeling.

She Is Turning Heads In Both Menswear And Womenswear.

“We’re All Struggling To Be Unique.”

“However, The Most Unique Thing You Can Be Is Yourself”

“The Gender Thing Doesn’t Exist.”

“It Is Only A Social Construct You Don’t Have To Fit Into “

“There Are People Who Love You.”

“And There Are People Who Will Continue To Love You.”

“There Are People Who Accept You.”

“And I Am One Of Them.”

People Used To Assume She Was A Male; Now She Is Turning Heads.

Authors Note:

We at Rearfront fully support Rain Dove. Everyone has the right to be themselves, and that includes androgynous people. We just have to accept our true selves even in the face of adversity, and everything will be okay.  We wish Rain Dove good luck on her future endeavours.


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