These Illustrations Show Anatomy Of Various Animals And They’re Ridiculously Funny

Have you ever wondered if a corgi actually smells like warm butter?

And that a Komodo dragon walks like a 4-year-old wearing dad’s shoes? Our entire existence is a pervasion of our imagination. If we think about it, then we’re all also just figments of God’s imagination. Our imagination can run as wild as we want it to be. There are no boundaries to how far our imagination can go.

The very creative and talented Dave Kellet used just that to draw some of the most ridiculously funny illustrations of animal anatomy.

Check out some of his hellishly funny illustrations below:

Via: DaveKellet

“Freshly baked baguettes.”

“It’s amazing to have an animal that is a vicious killer yet looks like Kermit.”

“All so pleasant.”

“When your forehead feathers constantly communicate ‘son, your mother and I are very disappointed with you’.”

“Eyes: 46% of a pug’s weight.”

“It was either this or a bright yellow Mustang.”

“But grandma! What a big horn you have! All the better to fight spider-man, my dear.”

“Once had a spoiler on the back, here. But, it looked like those guys that put spoilers on Honda Civics.”

“Life is amazing!”

“Clearly lost a bet.”

“Originated the line, hey buddy, you wanna buy a watch?”

“Face looks like a cross between a ‘Doctor Who’ villain and a chubby TV weatherman.”

“Wouldn’t want to put up a fight if you wanted to watch a ton of ‘Sailor Moon’ right now, let’s be honest.”

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