10+ Relatable Comics That Illustrate The Amusing Problems Of All Single Girls

Being a single girl can be very difficult.

You get lonely sometimes and just want to cuddle up with someone, you know? Especially if its winter, because that is the official cuddle weather.

Single girls have to face a lot of “problems.” What problems, you might ask? Lingvistov.com  has explained these problems perfectly through comics. Scroll below to see them:

#1 My only wish.

#2 “Hi” “Fuck off”

#3 Not anymore, though.

#4 I shaved for nothing.

#5 I have no idea what to do with him.

#6 Everyone relates to this list.

#7 Food and Internet are always by your side.

#8  Why can’t I like normal things?

#9 Single by choice.

#10 I’m just getting fatter.

#11 My boyfriend is imaginary.

#12 I love my cat.

#13 I don’t know how to get a boyfriend.

#14  Future good cook husband

#15 Food.

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