10+ Times Americans On Tumblr Confused The Fuck Out Of Everyone, Everywhere

  • By Asad Tipu
  • December 11, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

America and England have been on opposite ends of the field for a while now.

Where one says Honour, the other replies with Honor. Where the skies are grey and not gray. You know, the usual. Because of the vastness and difference in states from across America, it’s understandable why so many Americans don’t know much about South America, Europe, Asia, Australia.

It’s often “America” and “The rest of the world”.

And it results in a lot of confusion.

Source: Buzzfeed

#1 American school years.

#2 Biscuits and gravy.

#3 Grey vs Gray.

#4 Culture.

#5 Freshman, Sophomore, Senior.

#6 Canadian welcome.

#7 England and Canada.

#8 Making tea.

#9 Obesity in America be like:

#10 British keyboards.

#11 At the seventh caw.

#12 America as told by Australia.

#13 That’s quite true.

#14 Rebellious America.

#15 Violently American.

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