19 American Things That Confuse The F*ck Out Of British People

  • By Aneeb
  • July 31, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

They are so different!

Just when you thought that it is color not colour, you are wrong. Every little freakin’ thing is different.

British people, get ready to be confused as hell.

3….2…..1 GO!

1. Too much water in the toilet.

2. American bread sticks eat too much and get fat.

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3. Rest of world: AM/PM
America: 8/7c.
Rest of world: WTF?


4. Lack of electric kettles..


5. Sports can even get you scholarships.

The CW

6. And the whole of America comes to watch them!

Christian Petersen

7. Those god-knows-why massive gaps in the washroom stalls.

Twitter: @wtfGirlMeme

8. Those graduations…


9. All types of biscuits called cookies!

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10. And those scones with gravy also being called biscuits.

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11. Even their washing machines have an independent room!

Twitter: @broderick

12. Tax should be inclusive of the price.


13. Here’s one for British!


14. The picture says it all.

Via Twitter: @miIIicent_

15. Chocolate calendars not being a Christmas staple.


16. Or those huge Easter eggs.

Flickr: kevglobal

17. People there dont drink squash 🙁


18. Teabags are not popular either. Iced tea is served.


19. The biggest blunder, American lemonade isn’t fizzy.

Via Twitter: @cookiesftniall
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