Hilarious Comics Sum Up Life Of American Living In Canada And The Accuracy Will Hurt Your Soul

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 20, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

As a Canadian or American, you know that there are a lot of differences between the two.

The stereotypes and the cultural celebrations, they’re all drastically different. Canada is considered to be the nicest country in the world, basically a kind of wonderland for many, whereas America is considered to be a gun ridden time bomb waiting to explode.

There are even a lot of political differences, with the Canadian president being celebrated by the left wing media, and the American president being condemned by the same group. It also goes vice versa, with Trump’s fans condemning Trudeau.

Artists Ross Snow and Karina Farek from CollegeHumor is an American who lives in Canada, and they created a series of absolutely hilarious comics about these not-so-subtle truths.

Source: CollegeHumor

#1 You’re the butt of all the American jokes.

#2 As well as Canadian.

#3 Some products take a bit to get used to.

#4 Canadian institutions are their lifeblood.

#5 The stereotypes.

#6 Drastically subtle differences.

#7 And there’s a lot of blustering.

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