These Comics About An American English Teacher in Japan Will Crack You Up

Living in a foreign country can be difficult.

You have to adjust to a whole different lifestyle, learn a new culture, or even get used to another language. Things may not run in that country as they did in your own, but the more we experience in life, the more fascinating it becomes.

Being an American living in Japan, life can be really interesting. You’ll see your daily dose of random English words on T-shirts that will crack you up.

The Japanese lifestyle isn’t really complicated. You’d love it. Here is a sneak peek of the random everyday things you get to see if you are an American English teacher living in Japan:


1. Represent.

Some shirts make sense; some are just weird.

2. Royalty.

Random, but okay. You do you.

3. Further lunchtime questions.

We’re good with rice too, man.

4. A magic moment.

Improvement matters.

5. Style sassy.

The shirts again.

6. Haiku Time.


7. Security.

So creative.

8. On the catwalk.

This is accurate. Go stereotypes!

Wha did you think of these hilarious and wholesome comics? Let us know in the comments below.

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