This Amazon Review For A Stun Gun Is The Most Wild And Hilarious Thing You’ll See Today

Ever thought of buying a stun gun?

If you haven’t, you surely will buy one after reading this review. Why, might you ask? Well, an Amazon user named notsctuallysteve has a great story that proves the need for protection.

You see, it all started when he got mugged. He thought it was the perfect time to buy a stun gun so he could protect himself next time.

So he picked up the Knuckle Blaster for the bargain price of $62.54.

Via Amazon

He also left a review detailing the whole story.

Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong!

Now, this is when it starts to get interesting.

You thought he was finished? Not a chance!

It’s going exactly where you think it is.

Victory at last!

People found his review quite helpful.

It’s not going to hurt the sales of the stun gun either.

So, have you decided to buy a stun gun? You never know when a girl scout is around the corner after all.

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