18 Amazing Maps of the World They Didn’t Show Us at School

Our world’s geography is the strangest of things.

There was already one view jarring collection of images about the world, why not go further? The world is insanely big, and there are crazy different ways to view it. For example, if you look at the world map upside down, a lot of people won’t recognise it. Of course, they’ll think it’s a map of some kind, but they won’t be able to pinpoint what map it is.

So how about some theories on what exactly the world map is? Perhaps even go into different countries.

#1 If this was true, then thank God the Earth isn’t flat. Otherwise, the world would have pushed Australia off the edge.

#2 The British sure do love their pubs. They should call it United Pubdom instead of United Kingdom

#3 It’s even denser than the amount British pubs.

#4 Redheaded Scotland and redheaded Ireland!

#5 That’s not really surprising, but still vastly intriguing.

#6 The whole of Europe has been photographed countless times.

#7 Most of Australia is wilderness, so it makes sense that so many live on the coast.

#8 Ouch.

#9 Sweden’s in the lead. Step your game up, Britain.

#10 China and India make up for most of the population. And they’re side by side.

#11 I wonder what the blue represents.

#12 It really puts into perspective just how big the world is.


#14 The literacy rates have a direct impact.

#15 No wonder scientists don’t call you a planet anymore.

#16 Fitting, as the USA was the first on the Moon.

#17 The one time America is doing what the rest of the world is also doing

#18 Also equally believable.


Source: brightside.me

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