10+ Amazing Breaking Cat News That Will Make You Laugh

Nothing is better than cat news!

And while news about a cat is great, the best thing is when a cat actually tells the news. What do you mean we can’t understand cat!? Because I sure can! Anyway, so today we have the infamous anchors Lupin, Elvis, and Puck with us.

They will try their best to relay all the news about living as a cat to us. And let me tell you their life is truly amazing. And we have to be thankful to the amazing creator Georgia Dunn who thought of making these.

One night the Man and I were getting ready for bed, and our cat Lupin knocked everything off the nightstand. Elvis, typically concerned when anything happens, came over to let us know as we were cleaning up the mess.

I began to joke, like he was telling us the headline to a very obvious breaking news story. Something clicked, and I drew a comic strip detailing the actual news report. Not long after I posted it online.


#1 Omg they really are out of control!

#2 A certain siamese cat huh? Wonder who he’s talking about?

#3 Damn, Did he eat it all?

#4 Bacon for everyone but the humans!

#5 Wait, You can actually lock a keyboard?

#6 Is it the bathroom then?

#7 Soon probably means a few hours or forever, I forgot.

#8 Cupcakes are for everyone indeed!

#9 I don’t think there is.

#10 The bee really likes his nose.

Did you find these comics just as hilarious as us? Comment down below and let us know.

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