Woman’s Response To All Black Women Defeating Roy Moore Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

With the kind of stupidity Roy Moore was spreading with his campaign and the anti-semitic remark by his wife, it was quite visible that Senate seat would be a far stretched thing for him.

Surprisingly, Moore’s following grew immensely and he had the upper hand to win in the Republican State of Alabama. It was so disheartening to see how people decided to support him despite the way he glorified slavery and tried to put a break on women’s right to vote.

But the wonderful part came up later when finally, African American women took up the charge and defeated Roy Moore by showing up for Doug Jones.

Democracy at its best!


This is a great time in the history of Alabama because after 25 years, they finally have a democratic senator and the further break down of poll numbers showed how African Americans came out and showed their power.


This should be enough for Moore to think about the way he underestimated an entire race. Despite having half the number of registered black voters, every single one of them came out to support Jones.

And the celebration on Twitter was high.


But the founder of Moms Demand Action asked for a more important action through her message for Democrats; Don’t just thank them but also support them.

People gave a thumbs up to this action.


And users started to share in support of Black Women.



While the majority was also happy with the recognition that black women are politically active now.


Undoubtedly, this wouldn’t have been possible for Jones without Black Women Voters. Realizing the socio-historic and cultural impact of elections, they challenged the heart of America.


This was an excellent point to continue the momentum and demand for more political involvement and awareness.

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