Dad On Paternity Leave Accurately Illustrated Adventures Of Becoming A Dad & It’s Too Adorable

Being a dad is not easy.

While, mothers are the bears, dads have to be the mules. Neither is easy, and they’re both necessary. That’s not to say it isn’t fun. At least sometimes. One artistically inclined dad wanted to show us that.

When he went on paternity leave, he started to draw all the fun and weird situations that included his son. And let me tell you, these illustrations are truly something. So stroll on below and take a look.

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#1 Just because a kid is dry, doesn’t mean the house will be to.

#2 Dad reflexes kick in when you need them the most.

#3 Dads have to be the mules.

#4 There is however always time for a dance.

#5 Cleaning dry porridge is the worst.

#6 God help you if you forget your gas mask

#7 Just throw everything in!

#8 Never forget to wear your diaper before you make your kid laugh.

#9 Never be in a rush for anything.

#10 If only they had snooze buttons. Life would be so much easier.

#11 Only time you can rest is when Mom comes home.

Can you relate with any of these illustrations? What are your thoughts on his art style? Comment on below and let us know!

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