17 Hilariously Funny Truths That’ll Make You Say ‘Yeah, Adulting Is Hard’

  • By Asad Tipu
  • September 3, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Being an adult is a lot more different than what was promised.

We were told our opinion would matter, and we would be able to afford the things we wanted if we worked hard enough. That we’d be consistent and mature, and no longer want to do things that we did as a child. And that is absolutely wrong. Because I watched Samurai Jack when it came out religiously.

So here’s an HONEST look at what adulting is really like.

#1 Politics.

Ben Haist/BuzzFeed

#2 Win arguments hours after they’re done.

Lizz Hickey/BuzzFeed

#3 Preggo Burrito

Zachary Gibson/BuzzFeed

#4 Wrinkly clothes

Ben Haist/BuzzFeed

#5 Planting drama everywhere

Lizz Hickey/BuzzFeed

#6 Slouch or no slouch?

Ben Haist/BuzzFeed

#7 How to take advice

Lizz Hickey/BuzzFeed

#8 Normal vs Drunk

Lizz Hickey/BuzzFeed
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