These Adorable Photos Of Gay Dads Will Make Your Day Slight Better

For HIV positive Brian Rosenberg, becoming a dad, at one point, was simply out of the question.

Becoming a dad for Rosenberg because of his disease was simply out of the question. Moreover, his sexuality made it all the more difficult. Rosenberg and his partner, Ferd Van Gameren, lacked the motivation to start a family.

“At that point, it was all about how much time do we have together?” said Rosenberg.

However, things were put into a different perspective for the two after coming across the treatment outcomes of other HIV positive individuals.

The emotional roller coaster ride finally came to a halt when Levi, their newborn adopted baby boy became a part of their lives. Adoption being the only loop hole after failure at surrogacy – Rosenberg and Van Gameren finally became fathers.

“We started to feel like life had to be about more than just the two of us.” said Rosenberg.

“We went into a few stores like, ‘We’re having a baby. We’re getting it tomorrow. We have nothing. What do we need?” he said.

The lack of visibility of gay dads made the whole “parenting thing” awfully difficult for the gay couple! Let’s face the truth; we don’t often see a representation of same-sex parents in the media. Many people still find it strange. Perhaps, even wrong for two men to raise a child. But they didn’t let anything put them down!

And now, their page, Gays With Kids is sending the internet wild!

The two eventually got the hang of parenting. And to make a difference, they started an online community Gays With Kids, to motivate other gay dads to share their stories with the world. Gays With Kids attracted thousand of followers and likes!

The cute snaps of these gay dads will make hitting that “like” button inevitable!

The effect of pride and hope Gays With Kids has on the gay community is much beyond the number of followers on their page.

Rosenberg says,

“The mission is two-fold: one, to help gay men learn about how they can become dads (it’s not always easy) and two, to see what life is like for other gay men once their dream comes true.”

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