Adorable Images Of Guinea Pigs With Hair Locks That Are Trendier Than Yours

As if guinea pigs weren’t cute enough already!

Guinea pigs are also known as ‘cavies,’ derived from South America, these rodents are not precisely from the pig family. The most picked species of Guinea Pigs are Peruvian, coronet and silkie due to their appearance as they have beautiful long fur. Snuggling, eating and playing are all things that they generally love doing.

Guinea pigs are complete darlings to keep as pets; lively and full-time entertaining. Kids love them. Although, they tend to live for a very short time-span and require a significant time commitment. They need frequent brushing to prevent knots from forming in their fur. But even then, you just can’t resist them.

Here we have some totally captivating guineas with the most stylish hair-dos’. Do check these cuties out.

1. Just look at those perfect hair streaks! Fresh right out of the salon!

2. Oh, look at these lovely little ponytails!

3. This could be the most innocent looking creature ever.

4. What a pretty thing. I’m sure all the other male guineas’ leave no chance to flirt with her.

5. Daddy’s little princess just got a new look.

6. Have you ever had such silky, shiny hair? Jealous much?

7. I just want to wrap this thing up and take it home with me.

8. More beautiful than Snow White.

9. What a cute mess.

10. Why can’t I have hair like that?

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