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This Story About Why We Should Adopt Second-Hand Dogs Will Warm Your Heart

This Story About Why We Should Adopt Second-Hand Dogs Will Warm Your Heart

Always try adopting instead of buying dogs

If you adopt, you’re giving the neglected and unloved innocent soul another chance at life. You’re not only offering them a lovely home and a loving family; you’re helping them heal by filling the emptiness in their lives. Let’s not forget that by adopting more you can directly make a positive impact on their life expectancy.

You see, careless breeders typically breed dogs that are “closely related” which results in a higher COI (coefficient of inbreeding) which in turn causes health problems and eventually even death (true for a lot of breeds especially pugs). For a better sense of the entire picture, scroll on below and read the following heartwarming story of how adoption can change a doggo’s life.

There was no way of knowing.

At first, it was difficult.

But the eventual realisation made everything better.

It wasn’t long before everything turned around.

And here’s the beauty of spreading happiness and love.

Who would have thought that doing all this would bring out the best in you?

It teaches you responsibility and keeps you on track.

But most of all, it makes YOU feel loved as well.

Always a good choice.

They might not understand everything we say, but they sure know how to give unconditional love.

So what does one gain from all of this? Here’s the big picture.

It’s all about the effort you make.

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