Tumblr Users Explain Actual Meanings Of Figures Of Speech And My Whole Life’s Been A Lie

You have been mistaken!

As time progresses, methods of communication and even languages are moulded to our needs.

People have been using pre-made figures of speeches since a long time. They are used to keep the conversation short and explain one’s point more efficiently.

Little did we know, that the figures of speech we’ve been using were originated with a different meaning. And yes, that changes everything!

We have some examples for you.

Scroll down, and correct yourself for the future.

images by:tigerlilytoph

#1. Before they tell you, make sure they’re 100% accurate on the saying.

#2. Woah!


#3. I wish I knew this before.


#4. Honestly, I feel the same. These figures have been reduced on purpose.

#5. The complete figures of speech carry a different meaning, and they are so much better, hopefully.

Well, now that you know that we’ve been saying a lot totally wrong, make sure to have complete knowledge of every figure of speech you use in the future. Understanding the real things hold as much importance as using the expression in the first place.

Make sure you forward this to your friends and help correct the world in one of the essential things, communication.

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