10+ People Who Accidentally Typed The Wrong Thing Into Google & Weren’t Disappointed

Have you ever made a typo and it turned out to be better than what you were originally writing?

Rare, I know. But it still happens. No, I am not talking about “ducking,” we all hate that. I’m talking about more interesting results where you get to compare Game of Thrones characters to cats.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, let me help. Here are 10+ people who accidentally typed the wrong thing into Google and got amazing results:

#1 Battle slippers.


#2 Ryan Goosling.

#3 Cat Wedding Dress.

#4 Christ Prat

#5 Vladmir Poutine

#6 Printh

#7 Tesla cat

#8 Bearded Dragon Cat

#9 Tom Tanks

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