25 Absolutely Hilarious Parents Who Will Make You Pee-Laugh

Everyone knows that being a parent is one of the hardest, most tiring and, at the same time, one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. There isn’t much that can compare to raising a child and watching them grow into the fine young men and women you always wanted them to be but there is one thing that does… and that is trolling your kids with mum and dad jokes so good, there’s no way they can ever top it.

We’ve made a list of some of the best and most hilarious things parents have done that show some real first-class parenting as well as first-class comedy. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn something for the future…

#1 This mum who maybe should have reconsidered where to put those balloons…



When something innocent goes very wrong.

#2 These parents who recreate awesome movie scenes with whatever they can find and their kids



Now that’s just cool.

#3 This dad who really took advantage of having an extra surprise



This is just so cute!

#4  This dad out to prove his daughter is the spitting image of him


You can really tell they are related…

#5 These parents who rocked it better than the models did



Maybe in their younger days, they looked just like that.

#6 This mum who burnt her child to a crisp on Snapchat

Twitter: @kevinillest


I felt that from here.

#7 This mum who clearly doesn’t want to be disturbed


When the baby is sleeping, you will do anything to keep it that way.

#8 This dad who dropped off his daughter as a War Boy from Mad Max Fury Road

happidonut via Instragram


Well, it was a lovely day…

#9 This mum who had a genius way of selling this car



Who wouldn’t want that with such good mileage?

#10 The parents that were very blunt on their daughter’s birthday



Well at least they were happy about it…

#11 This dad with real style


You have to catch them all!

#12 The mum who, as the world watched a live birth of the calf of April the Giraffe, decided to pay homage…



… and acted it out herself, live on Facebook!

Facebook: edietrich1


Something tells me this kid is in good hands.

#13 This dad who made the dad joke of all dad jokes



It took me a while to get it but I’m impressed.

#14 This dad who photo-bombed his daughter before she went to prom


This will create some fond memories…

#15 This mum who delivered when her son joked he wanted a urinal cake



Is it wrong that I want to try it?

#16 This mum who had to share this comment of her daughter’s…

emilygraceb via Instragram

It kind of does though…

#17 This mum who takes fundraising very seriously


They should raise a lot of money with those… and for a good cause too!

#18 These parents who want to teach their son a lesson



If I was him, I would be dying of embarrassment.

#19 These mums who recreated the photo they were sent



When the cats away, the mice will play.

#20 The parent who came up with this hilarious prank



I don’t think she will ever trust them again.

#21 This mum who came up with a flawless way to stop tears when chopping onions

imgur.com via reddit.com


She really showed those onions who is the boss.

#22 These parents who recreated their son’s picture to a tee

Peri Anderson via imgur.com


Even the expressions are perfect, this is a masterpiece!

#23 The parents who diligently painted their son’s room



I don’t think I could be mad, it’s too funny.

#24 This mum who knows how to motivate people



I’m glad she cleared that up…

#25 And finally, these parents showing off what their mamas gave them


Who else is up for a trip to that museum?




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