11 Photos Of ’90s Fast Food Restaurants That Will Take You To A Nostalgic Trip Of Delicious Memories

Food is love; food is life.

Being a 90’s kid, there wasn’t much that got us excited. Except for a few things, the majority of which included a trip to one of our favorite restaurants. It’s not just the highly economical fast food that we loved but much more than that. Any guesses? That’s right. The play areas! The best part was that we got to hold our birthday parties at these places! Inviting all our friends over(even the ones we didn’t get along with much, just to show off, you know), having those kids meals(which we didn’t eat much LOL), and of course the birthday cake and the presents, damn!

But that’s not all. Have you ever heard the sole reason behind most of the fast food joints’ logos being red and yellow? It’s because these colors enhance our appetite. No wonder you feel like grabbing a burger and fries as soon as you see one of those places, despite not being hungry at all.

Other than the logos, of course, it’s a shock how much everything has changed over time.

I mean, come on! We are in our mid-twenties, and this was bound to happen. Check out some of your favorite fast food restaurants’ 90’s photos that will surely take you back down that amazing memory lane.

1. McDonald’s.

We can all agree that while growing up, McDonald’s always used to be one of our most favorite fast food joints. It had almost everything a child back then wanted from the colorful theme, the fun play place and of course the food and the toys that came with our happy meals. But now, as we see, they have moved away from all that childish ambiance to more of a sophisticated secluded kind of restaurant. Which is okay since we grew up from all that as well, and knowing the kids nowadays that is not what they are interested in!



2. Subway.

Maybe it’s not that “ideal” restaurant for the kids but you’d agree with me when I say that Subway is kind of like the “healthy” eating place. Nothing has changed much except the range of subs they serve. And even though it has never been much liked by a lot of people and I personally have never seen it being much of a busy place, I still genuinely enjoy their sandwiches.


3. Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A is renowned for its yummy breakfast menu. The perfect family place. Whenever we had a craving for waffles or sandwiches, this was the place to go! As the time passed, this restaurant has changed it’s color scheme as well as their menu a bit. Nonetheless, it’s still a major hit!



4. Burger King.

This is by far one of the best fast food joints. Their burgers are actually a lot better than what others serve. And not to mention that Burger King has evolved the most too, with time. Their interior has undergone major changes as you can see. The classic look is gone along with most of the items on the menu but THANK GOD they still have the Whopper!

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5. Wendy’s.

Everybody loves Wendy’s, no? Their low-priced Superbar, a buffet of salads, fruits and pasta, their burgers, sandwiches and fries, and of course FROSTY! Who doesn’t love going to Wendy’s? They have almost everything the kids love. But fortunately, the salad bar has been upgraded with the changing years. They have also changed a lot including their look inside and out.

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6. Taco Bell.

Everybody loves tacos. Apart from some kids of course. Taco Bell has undergone some major changes over time. They have said goodbye to the cute little booths and the colorful, geometry-inspired decor. Remember the fixed chairs that could only revolve halfway?

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