Mother Shares Story Of How Her 9-Year-Old Took Petty Revenge On Her ‘Friend’

Who is worse than a rowdy? Well, it has to be someone who is equally manipulative as well.

No one is born as a bad person. It’s always the parenting, and the environment an individual is brought up in that shapes the personality. We can’t expect children to introspect and understand everything on their own. That’s why parenting has a lot to do with a kid’s behaviour.

If kids don’t know the difference between right and wrong; they would never feel they’ve done anything terrible. You see, a case like that recently came to everyone’s notice when a mother posted a story on Reddit. A little girl in school was annoying this woman’s daughter over a friendship necklace. But to everyone’s surprise, the 9-year-old daughter handled the situation very well by taking revenge on the thug. Scroll on below and read the whole account exactly how the mother described it.

Here’s what the mother posted on Reddit.

Apparently, the other girl was falsely accusing her as the necklace in question was not even her property.

However, it was all far from over. The other girl kept bothering her daughter over and over again. That’s when she thought that ‘enough was enough!’

That was honestly a great way of handling the situation. More power to you girl! And as expected, Redditors loved it too!

Everything is good except for the part where the principal acted like a total jerk.

Well, that was that! Not only did the girl stood up for herself but she also won everyone’s heart! Have you ever experienced a situation like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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