This 9-Year-Old Girl Pens The Most Hilarious ‘New Yorker’ Cartoon Captions That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Back in our generation, we used to be such dumb and simple kids, but if you take a look at today’s children, the majority of them are so sharp, witty and creative.

Now, we don’t get to see these type of smart kids every day, but when we do, we know that they are going places for sure. I remember when I was a kid, I used to draw such hilarious and dumb drawings along with simple captions. For instance, if I’d draw a house, I’d just caption it “A House” because we didn’t really┬áthink out of the box. I’m not saying that there weren’t intelligent kids in our generation, there were a lot of smart kids back then too, but it wasn’t the majority.

However, when it comes to captioning a picture, I can be the dumbest person on earth. I can’t even think of anything creative, and if we take a look around, most of us would just copy/paste quotes and stuff to the pictures to make them look “cool.”

But young 9-year-old Alice wrote some amazing captions during a New Yorker’s caption contest. Alice’s mother shared the pictures that Alice captioned, and she’s truly a legend.

Bess, Alice’s mother, shared the pictures on Twitter that her daughter captioned during the New Yorker’s caption contest!

I thought kids were non-political, but this young girl is surely going places.

Isn’t she a genius!?

Damn, that’s a massive sandwich. I feel hungry already!

Woah, that’s the best caption anybody could think of.

Just some ducks, hanging at the bar.

Very, very rong.

Welcome to the new era of technology.

Because meetings are so boring.

Wish I had a creative mind like her!

The elephant seems interested.

A case of the gumdrops!? The best!


What did you think about these amazing captions? Could you have done it any better? Let us know!

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