9 Elusive Disney World Characters and Where to Meet Them

Getting to meet a character at Disney world is like getting to meet an idol, especially if you are a huge Disney fan who has seen all of the movies. Getting to meet your favourite character can make a trip to Disneyland the best you’ve ever had but if your favourite isn’t one of the big Disney Princesses or is from a lesser-known movie, how can you get to see them?

Never fear, because we have a list of some characters that may be a little more elusive than most but can still be found if you know the right places to look. Have a read through this list and remember to keep your eyes peeled – you never know where you are going to find your favourites! Now, can anyone help me find Jim Hawkins?

#1 Flik and Atta

These two ants were the stars of A Bug’s Life but, very much like real insects, they are tough to find. This is because they don’t have a regular meet-and-greet session but if you head down to the Animal Kingdom, you might come across them in something very special called the Dinoland Dance Party. Twice a day, many animal characters come out for a dance, and these can last for around half an hour. Though you can’t get an autograph or a photo with them, they will dance with children so you can still get pictures of your little one hopping with your favourite. Flick and Atta aren’t the only ones you might see- Thumper often turns up too!


#2 The Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs may come from Disney’s first film and are one of their most famous and marketed groups, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to get a photo with all of them. For that, you have to go to a couple of special events in the Magic Kingdom. At both Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party, you can find all seven near the new wall at Fantasyland. They can’t sign autographs, but they will let you take a treasured photo with them – just make sure Dopey is making a good face.


#3 Robin Hood

The fox that hides in Sherwood Forest is one of the most difficult characters to find but I promise you, he is sometimes there. You can find him inside Hollywood Studios but only on the nights they run Fantasmic, and it is called a Character Palooza. This event is both rare, not scheduled and highly affected by weather conditions but that does give some benefits. Not being scheduled, the queues are short, and the weather adds another load of suspense. It can be found by the Tower of Terror exit and times may vary, but Robin has been there many times. If he’s not, well he’s probably out robbing from the rich to give to the poor…


#4 Pocahontas

Although she is a Disney princess, most people often won’t get a chance to meet the Native American princess as her spots are very specific. She has appeared several times in the Character Palooza already mentioned, and she does have her own meet-and-greet sessions – she is just rarely seen outside the Animal Kingdom for pictures and many stumble on her trail by accident. She is found by the Magic Tree but watch out for the weather; if it even hints at rain, she may not be there. Keep looking though; she may be just around the river bend…


#5 The Disney Princes

Remember them? It can be hard to imagine them without their princesses sometimes, and they often feature in parades but do not despair if you want to see these dragon slayers and foot finders in person, they can be spotted at Disneyland. Some, like Aladdin for example, can often be found with Jasmine at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, and are easier to find than others though. If you’re a fan of Naveen, you can find him with Tiana in the evenings at Liberty Square, and Prince Charming can be seen with other cast members from Cinderella at their character dinner buffet at 1900 Park Fare. However, for the rest you have to come on either Valentine’s Day or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party – then they are all in one place, ready for you to mingle and take pictures with them!

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#6 The Beast

Despite being the prince in one of the most popular movies and having his movie recently made into live-action, there is only one place you can meet the Beast – in his castle at the Be Our Guest restaurant. If you get a reservation (lucky you), you get the chance to meet the Beast once you have finished your meal. Warning: he does not move from table to table; instead he is stationed with a Photopass Photographer at a location where you can meet him at your convenience. He used to have a meet-and-greet with Belle but no longer appears there. I wonder what he did to be so elusive? I bet it is Lumiere’s fault!


#7 Brer Rabbit

Surprisingly, some characters who you would never expect to see at Disneyland do sometimes still show up. Brer Rabbit can be found, along with several others from the Song of the South, in the Frontierland Hoedown, an event very much like the Dinoland Dance Party as the characters dance away for a short time outside the Country Bear Jamboree. They are both similar as the events are both short, and you can’t get autographs or pictures, but you can still enjoy a good boogie!


#8 Captain Hook and Mr Smee

They may be one of the best-known dastardly duos, but you can only spy Captain Hook and his first mate in particular places. The captain can easily be found in the daytime Festival of Fantasy parade as well as the daily Dream Along with Mickey castle stage show, but he’s not there for photos then. For that, you have to go on the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage which sets sail from Disney’s Contemporary Resort. There, you can personally meet him but only if you have a special ticket reservation but that’s worth all the trouble. Mr Smee has been spotted at the Character Palooza but he is one of its rarest so maybe go a few times to see.


#9 Pinocchio

He’s one of Disney’s most famous characters, and he has a movie named after him but this puppet turned real boy is really hard to find outside of the parades where he features with Jiminy Cricket and Gepetto. Jiminy often appears during Earth Week in the Animal Kingdom, but that is without his other cast members. Instead, Pinocchio and Gepetto are two of the most unpredictable characters as they only appear in either the Character Palooza or Epcot’s Character Training Spot. Don’t have a clue what those are? The characters make an appearance in one of any given number of locations inside Epcot where the Cast Members (characters and photographers) are in a training session. These happen very randomly and can be anywhere in the Magic Kingdom but are mostly at the World Showplace gates between Canada and the United Kingdom pavilions and the American Adventure gates. You can find many others at these events too, such as Queen Grimhilde from Snow White, Rafiki, Tarzan and Jane and many more!

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