Guy’s 8-Year-Old Brother Just Learned How To Text & It’s The Purest Thing You’ll Ever See

Now I know what it’s like to have a little brother.

With increasing responsibilities of every person in the house, the younger ones are left to learn certain things themselves. But being an elder brother, it is your responsibility to set an example, to be there for the younger ones when they need someone. One of those things is, you know, texting.

Eight-year-old Brock didn’t know how to text and, having an iPod, his 19-year-old brother Layke taught him how to text and stay connected with him while he is away at college. Well, their conversation has the best kind of bromance you could ever see.

Sorry if that was a bit awkward, but what you’re about to experience is far beyond that. Let’s see how the little one communicates with his big brother.

When his younger brother was missing him too much. You can see the disappointment when Layke didn’t text him first.

Showed my 8 year old brother how he can text me w his iPod and i think he loves it lol


Such a sweet little brother he has. I wish I had one too! Who wouldn’t want to talk to a cutie like him?


We all died laughing here. At least the little guy enjoyed his toast.

“I don’t know how to put butter on toast” i died lmao


Awww, he forgot to text his older brother. Poor little boy.




The enthusiasm! He is so innocent; he doesn’t even know what a selfie is.

had to let him know


Oh, he definitely is the cutest!

tell me he’s not cute as hell


Once people got to know about the chat between the brothers, they started sharing their own conversations. And, I think they are all pretty cute.


A perfect match!

Sorry but is that even relevant?



The little bun is only eight.

He definitely thinks he’s something.

Remedy to turn a bad day into a good one, if you have an adorable younger sibling like her.



Frozen fever… I’m loving it.


Okay, wow. That’s kinda weird.

That is just so sweet!

“Love you, miss you, do you miss me?”

These younger ones have the solution to almost everything


Such emotions.

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