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Try Solving These 8 Puzzles to Prove You’re Smart

Try Solving These 8 Puzzles to Prove You’re Smart

Everyone loves a bit of suspense and mystery sometimes.

Moreover, what’s better than puzzles to get you going? A puzzle is a game or problem that tests a person’s ability or knowledge. In a puzzle, we are required to put pieces together in a relevant way so that we can arrive at the legitimate solution to the puzzle. There are many unique types of puzzles for different ages. Many of them include crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, number puzzles, or logic puzzles.

So, we have been kind enough to put together mind-bending puzzles. The following puzzles have been carefully chosen for maximum entertainment. They might also provide some much-needed exercise for the brain.


First Puzzle

Use four straight lines to connect the nine dots.


Second Puzzle

Use three straight lines to connect the nine dots.


Third Puzzle

Use six lines to connect the 16 dots.


Fourth Puzzle

Place the numbers from 1 to 9 in the order, so the sum of each side of the triangle is always equal to 17.


Fifth Puzzle

Find the number, which was located in the red square.

Sixth Puzzle

Take the journey from the upper square till the lower one, to correctly complete the equation.


Seventh Puzzle

Find out the number that coincides with each symbol. All of the answers are whole, and none of them is less than one.


Eight Puzzle

Try to find the answer to the last equation.


Now, you might be very entertained or dripping with anxiety. Whatever it is, Fear not as not many people solve all of the puzzles quickly. The following are the answers to end your worries.



Puzzle Number One


Puzzle Number Two

Puzzle Number Three


Puzzle Number Four


Puzzle Number Five


Puzzle Number Six


Puzzle Number Seven


Puzzle Number Eight


How did it go? Did you solve them right? If so, Congratulations and give yourself a pat on the back. If you missed some, that’s fine as you should try some more.

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