55-Gallon Drum Of Lube Has The Best Amazon Review We Have Ever Seen

We’ve got all your lube needs covered.

Nobody likes those late runs to Walgreens to get a small bottle of paprika-scented lube. Those are just plain awkward and what do you do when you are in a hurry? Well, say no more because we have the solution to all your problems.

Rather than buying small bottles of lube whenever you need them, why not get this 55-gallon drum of lube? You’ll be set for life, and everyone will appreciate it when you take this barrel in your bedroom for some sexy time.

And to top it all off, it is probably more cost efficient. However, the following guy did not use it for it’s intended purpose. He used it to lube up kids. I understand how wrong that sounds but just read on below, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Source: Amazon

This is the infamous passion lube.

And the story starts out innocently enough.

And the Father was clearly quite a cautious man.

So that is why the turn of events is so surprising.

Because it soon turned into a horror show.

There were kids flying everywhere.

And it was all round just a complete disaster.

However, this should probably not deter you from buying this 55-gallon lube drum if you want to use it for it’s intended purpose. And apparently, 4.011 people found the review helpful.

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