42 Gorgeous Disney Princess Tattoos

Who doesn’t love Disney? It’s the core of all of our childhoods. The songs, the music, the characters. We all think of them fondly, and they’ll always have a special place in our hearts.

As for tattoos, people consider them an artform, a way to immortalise and bring to life their most precious memories. Or simply because they look cool as hell.

So what if we combined them? The most iconic part of Disney, i.e., the Princesses, and tattoos?

Let’s start with…

#1 Mulan Sketch

The story of Mulan is an incredibly inspiring one. Leaving her identity behind to take on a life of intense hardships simply so that her ailing father didn’t have to. This tattoo perfectly captures Mulan’s identity crisis.

#2 Hair Brush

A symbol of Mulan’s femininity, this tattoo represents what Mulan gave up to become who she did.

#3 Flower

Even dark coal becomes sparkling diamond under pressure. This is a much more eloquent way of reminding yourself not to give up.

#1 The dress

Aurora had a dress made, if you remember, by her fairy god mothers. They just couldn’t decide on pink or blue, so they ended up splooshing in both. I think the person who got this tattoo couldn’t decide either.

#2 The crown

I’m a firm believer in minimalist tattoos. Sure, the huge, intricate ones look absolutely fantastic too, but there’s some class and elegance to the small and simple ones.

#3 Once Upon A Dream

Aurora, the sleeping beauty lived in dreams and dreams alone. It only makes sense for someone to use her as a reminder to never give up on their dreams.

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