This 3rd Grade Math Problem Is Fucking Up The Smartest Minds On The Internet

I used to think I was smart when I was a kid.

But as I grew older, either homework just got tougher, or I just got dumber. But I do remember getting straight As in 3rd grade. Particularly math, which was pretty easy back then.

However, this 3rd grader’s math problem has confused everyone.


This was the math problem.

It reads,

“Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?”

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What? How is that possible?

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Compared to the other questions, this was very confusing.


Even the child answered with a huge question mark.

The rest of the questions are easy and basic math. But this one takes it to the next level because something is missing in it.

So naturally, the Internet tried to break it down.

First, Janell has 15 marbles. Okay, simple.

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The actual problem starts here. “She lost some of them.”

So everyone tried to guess how many exactly is “some.”

Some people suggested that the answer is just “Less than 15.”

But some just said the teacher simply mistyped the question.

That sounds like a better explanation. It could just be an error.

What do you think is the answer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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