35 Beautiful Princess Inspired Wedding Dresses Every Disney Obsessed Bride Will Love

Are you a blushing bride-to-be? Maybe someone doing a little bit of window shopping? Perhaps you just like looking at pretty dresses?

Well, aren’t you in for a treat!

Disney has inspired tattoos, scientists, and horoscopes. What’s next?

Wedding gowns, of course.

Starting with the titular Princess Tiana, here are a set of wedding dresses that you wish you had.

#1 This Alfred Angelo number

#2 A Dar Sara Couture piece

#3 The Vera Wang Didi dress

#4 Another mint-green Vera Wang gown

#5 This delectable Rumi Kadi

What about the energetic, flaming haired princess under the sea? Release your inner mermaid in these dresses!

#1 The Tara La Tour gown

#2 An Elizabeth Dye empire silhouette


#3 A Zuhair Murad confectionery

#4 A stunning Zlad Nakad gown


Maybe perhaps the intelligent and beautiful princess Belle? You could be the belle of the party.

#1 In an Alfred Angelo wedding dress

#2 A classy Vera Wang

#3 This well-inspired Rami Kadi


Need a last minute idea while you escape to the midnight prom your evil stepmother said you couldn’t go to? Cinderella’s got you covered with these.

#1 An elegant Alfred Angelo dress

#2 This Ian Stewart number

#3 An Etsy masterpiece


Maybe channeling a bit of your sassy, headstrong, Arabic princess Jasmine make your day better in this:

#1 The Hayley Paige crop-top look

#2 An elegant Hamda Al Fahim piece

#3 This Stella York Gown


What if you want to look good while you’re awake and while you’re getting your beauty sleep? Who better to take after than Sleeping Beauty herself in these gorgeous gowns.

#1 A stylish Jim Hjelm dress

#2 A flowing Vera Wang

#3 Another incredible Vera Wang dress

#4 This Alfred Angelo soft pink


Mirror mirror, on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Who? Me? Well, maybe if I borrow Snow White’s flair…

#1 In this Hamda Al Fahim gown

#2 An eloquent Franc Sarabia set

#3 An inspired Alfred Angelo number


It’s possible that you’re feeling less dainty, flowery princess, and more kickass, warrior princess. These Mulan dresses will totally do the trick.

#1 This Claire Pettibone Chinese-inspired piece

#2 An Alyce amazement

#3 This Annasul with a charming cheongsam


Or perhaps you’re feeling like a different kind of warrior princess. More for unity than for honor. I think Pocahontas has you covered.

#1 The one-shoulder Sarah Jassir

#2 Warrior princess Victoria Kyriakides

#3 The Pocahontas gold in this Sarah Seven


Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t feel like a princess at all. You feel like a queen. So who better to take inspiration from than Elsa, the Snow Queen herself?

#1 A simple but elegant Theia

#2 The icy Theia two-piece 

#3 A Tony Bowls release to your inner ice queen


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